Making a Stand

BSA Sloper Side Stand at 'Proof of Concept' Stage
BSA Sloper Side Stand at ‘Proof of Concept’ Stage

The rear stand lifts the Sloper very high off the ground and is awkward to use, so I have fabricated a side stand using an ‘off the shelf’ universal type. The original bracket clamps around the frame (in theory, at least), so this was discarded and a replacement was fabricated from 8mm and 12mm steel plate, welded to a 52° internal angle. Mounting is via the brake lever bracket ahead of the footrest, with a dowel to prevent rotation. A bit of tidying up and painting is required, but the machine is now easy to manage and sits at a secure angle.

BSA Sloper Side Stand
BSA Sloper Side Stand

Making Connections

New Lucas H52 headlamp spider - 1
New Lucas H52 headlamp spider

The early ’30s Lucas headlamp has no internal wires, but instead uses a ‘spider’ with brass fingers to connect the switch, ammeter and bulb terminals. The original is made from thick pressed card, and the brass fingers, with spring steel supports, are riveted to it. After 80+ years these items are usually in poor condition. I had two, both broken, so have fabricated a replacement using the brass fingers, cleaned and annealed, and a new base made from circuit board material. The reinforcing fingers are shaped from 12 thou shim steel, and the assembly is riveted together with hollow brass rivets.

Oiling the wheels …

Persuading semi-fluid grease, a teaspoon-full at a time, into the gearbox is slow work – but Sloper gearboxes are prone to shedding teeth if the correct lubricant and level is not maintained. This ‘box was missing a tooth when I started the restoration, but I have seen far worse!

Life in Uniform

Although there is no evidence of the Sloper ever having been painted in military olive drab, records indicate that it played its part in the war effort. The full story is here.

Returned RV Record
A detail from the Local Authority register, showing the Sloper’s return to civilian life.