1929 BSA Sloper motorcycle, with young rider

Rewind …

Many years ago, I began to restore a 1929 BSA side-valve ‘Sloper’. As work progressed, I became interested in the history of this well-documented and very original machine and while visiting Dumfries, Scotland, where the machine was first registered, took the opportunity to seek out some of the places where it had been kept. What started out as a bid to get the Sloper tidied up and running well turned into a mission to restore and preserve something from another age. This website tells the story. I hope you find it interesting; if you have comments or queries, please contact me.

Restored 1929 BSA Sloper S29 Deluxe
Then and now – the Sloper restored

While many of the images on this site are my own, some are scanned from books or have been taken at different events. They are reproduced with appreciation, but without permission! Please contact me if this causes a problem.