I’ve written elsewhere on this site about re-making a spider for the Lucas H52 headlamp. Their pressed carboard construction, maintained under continuous spring pressure, gradually collapses, particularly if it has lived in damp conditions. I was amazed, then, to come across a seemingly original and undamaged headlamp on a 1930 Ariel and find that, not only did it have a spider in remarkable condition – but that the spider carried what I assume is an original paper label showing the wiring connections to the switch terminals. The vivid colours have survived remarkably well in the darkness of the headlamp shell, and look as fresh today as they must have done 90 years ago.

Lucas H52 Headlamp Spider Wiring Key
Lucas H52 Headlamp Wiring System

‘Lighting Sets’ would often have been fitted as an after-market accessory, perhaps by owners with limited electrical knowledge. Instructions like this label give a fascinating insight into motorcycle ownership, 90 years ago.

One thought on “Lucas H52 Headlamp Wiring System

  1. Beautiful, excellent headlight documentation. The same used on my 1930 Ariel 500 E.


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